ERA Refresher Training





This 2-day course is aimed at stewards who have previously completed their core stewards training (either the UNISON Organising Steward course or the TUC Union Representatives Stage 1 course) and need refresher training.

It is designed to meet the requirements of the Employment Relations Act (ERA) recertification and UNISON’s scheme for accreditation and training of stewards and workplace reps.

UNISON’s scheme states:

“To ensure continued quality of representation and to maintain ERA certification, Stewards/Workplace reps are required to:

  • either undertake refresher/ERA re-accreditation training at least every 5 years or

  • have evidence of appropriate training and development which is recorded by the Region within the 5 year period.”

The course aims to:

• Update reps on new legislation which is relevant to their role;

• Introduce new developments within UNISON;

• Develop new skills and ideas including preparing for cases and encouraging and supporting new activists;

• Signpost participants to further training.

Please note that there will be a £15 branch fee per delegate per day charged for attendance on this UNISON course.


£15 branch fee per day

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Workplace Reps Courses