We hope you find our site straightforward to use.

Here are some points that outline some of the processes:


The signing up process takes place in two parts.

First you have to complete the application form to register with Learn in UNISON WM. Once completed it is sent to us to check you are a UNISON Member. This will normally take a few days. You will then receive an email confirmation from us which will allow you full access to the programmes on the Website.

The second part is you will need to complete the remainder of your personal profile. This will enable your details to be automatically completed whenever you apply for a course. In addition it will help us with our equalities monitoring.

Your branch secretary/branch education co-ordinator will have access to your training applications and attendance record.

Information provided by you will be shared within UNISON to ensure membership and branch records are accurate and kept up to date. Information will also be shared with UNISON affinity partners for promotional purposes.

Information will also be aggregated and used for statistical purposes by UNISON and the TUC.

These are part of the conditions for using this website. By signing up you agree to these conditions.

When you are logged in your name will show at the top of the page, from here you will be able to access your profile, your courses (an overview of courses you are booked on to or have been on) and your dashboard (where featured courses are listed, as well as forthcoming courses and any course run by your branch).

You can logout of the site using the logout option in the dropdown menu where your name is shown on the top menu beside the search bar.


To book on to a course you must be logged in to the site.

You can view the forthcoming courses via the course page. You can filter the view using the various filter options. You can browse a visual overview of courses by location from our course map option.

To view full details about a specific course, click the course title. This will take you to the course page, where full details about the course are available. Dates, location and contact details are shown here, as well as any fees, if the course is residential and any qualifications that relate to it.

The green book now button will show how many remaining places there are available. If you would like to book a place click this button.

The course booking form will automatically complete based on the information in your profile. If you need to edit it you can. This will edit your profile too.

When you submit an application, you will receive a confirmation email and the course will show in your dashboard as pending. Your application request is sent to both the Education team and your branch. Upon approval your status will be updated and you will be notified by email.


Detailed information can be found on the Advice and Info page. Application forms for UNISON bursary and the Dawn Lake Fund are also available here.


Our site is built responsively so it adapts to smartphones and tablet devices as well as desktop computers. If you encounter an error you can let us know via the contact form.


As you'd expect, this is our news section, where we will post updates and information of interest. It has an RSS feed which can be accessed by clicking on the orange icon. This offers the content in stripped down way and can also be fed into RSS readers if you use them.

We also have a twitter account which you can follow or access by clicking on the twitter (bird) icon in the footer.